Bilgilendirme : Herhangi bir duyuru yüklü değil
Sadi Bayramov, Çiğdem Gündüz (Aras), Nesrin Demirci
Volume : 1  Issue : 1  Pages : 109-122  Year : 2014

Many practical problems in economics, engineering, environment, social science, medical science etc. cannot be dealt with by classical methods, because classical method have inherent difficulties. The reason for these difficulties may be due to the inadequacy of the theories of parameterization tools. Molodtsov initiated the concept of soft set theory as a new mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainties. Research works in soft set theory and its applications in various fields have been progressing rapidly since Maji et al. The idea of soft topological spaces was first given by M. Shabir, M. Naz and mappings between soft sets were described by P. Majumdar, S.K. Samanta. Later, many researches about soft topological spaces were studied in 091;3,9,14,16,24,25,28093;. In these studies, the concept of soft point is expressed by different approaches. In the study we use the concept of soft point which was given in 091;14093;. Soft topological spaces and soft continuous mapping form category and this category is extension of category of topological spaces. Also category of fuzzy topological spaces is extension of category of topological spaces.
In this article the closure problem is investigated according to algebraic operation in the category of soft topological spaces. For this, the existence of limits of inverse systems of soft topological spaces is proven.

Keywords : Soft Topolojik Uzaylar, Ters Sistemler
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